Thomas Jefferson School Values

Many years ago, TJ selected the Greek word ὴ ἀρετή ("excellence") as its motto. The standard of excellence that shaped TJ in its infancy continues to guide the school today. Our primary goal is to prepare all students for the best possible college experience.

Since the beginning, the school has benefitted from an extraordinary level of commitment on the part of its multi-talented faculty. Teachers laid the school’s foundation and have been a integral part of charting the school’s course ever since. They carry on the work of the founders by expecting ὴ ἀρετή  of themselves and of their students. 

With an emphasis on hard work and individual responsibility, TJ’s intense approach to foundational education fosters a level of initiative and self-reliance that is not often seen in middle and high school students. This serves our students extremely well as they move into college. A statement made by a recent graduate captures this well. When asked, “How is college?” he replied, quite simply, “TJ 2.0.”

TJ’s philosophy and purpose are tied to the following principles:

  • To educate students who have ability and motivation and who want to be challenged academically.
  • To develop in students qualities that will help them live happily as adults, such as independence, honesty, courage, the habit of hard work, and a sense of responsibility for themselves and the community.
  • To teach students to live and work with people from a wide variety of backgrounds and to respect feelings, beliefs, and customs that are different from their own.
  • To send graduates on to the next level of their education ready to succeed there.